YEEP hopes and vision for the new website

YEEP Group

Amy (Cork): “My hope for the website is that I would like it to be a safe space for people, in particular for young people with 22q11,2 Deletion Syndrome, to find more information and to connect with others in Ireland who also have 22q.”

Emma (Kerry): “I would like to see the website as a way of CONNECTING those with 22q11 deletion, families, friends and supporters. Being able to CONNECT with others is so valuable and it will hopefully help the person feel like they are not alone.”

Aine (Dublin): “My vision for our new website would be that the children and adults are educated about 22q and when they see our success stories that they will be inspired to go after their dreams.”

Niamh (Dublin): “I hope that the new website will help young and adult people to accept 22q11 and talk about it with your family and friends.”

Siofra (Kildare): “I hope this website would let people with 22q know it’s okay to be who you are.”

Sarah (Portlaoise): “I really do hope that this new website will really help people understand what it is we have so my friends, teachers and family members can understand more. And have them on our website so they can understand it.”