I am a person with 22q11


I Am a Person With 22q11

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What is 22q11?

Because those chromosomes run throughout your body, 22q11 can affect many parts of your body and brain. When you’re born, you might have problems with your heart or your palate, and as you grow you might find you struggle with maths or have a hard time sitting still in class. In fact, there are more than 180 ways 22q11 might affect your body and your mind, which can make life trickier for you.

People with 22q11 usually have frequent appointments with doctors and therapists, and they often need a little more help from their families and teachers than other kids or adults. However, there is a community of people who are there to lend a hand, including all of us at 22q11 Ireland.

About 22q11 Ireland

22q11 Ireland is the first point of contact for many people living with 22q11. This organisation is for you — we want the world to be an easier place for everyone with 22q11, and we want to support you and your families with information, resources, and fun gatherings!

We all believe that someone with 22q11 is a person, first and foremost, and we want to spread that message around our communities. While people with 22q11 might have symptoms or characteristics that make them unique, they are still so valuable to the community as a whole.

People with 22q11 can have families and livelihoods, and they can succeed in education and have a wealth of experiences.

In our organisation, your experience as a person living with 22q11 is valuable, and we honour your ideas, experiences and needs.

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