What is 22q11

22q11 is a syndrome that starts when a tiny part of one of your chromosomes is missing.
Because those chromosomes run throughout your body, 22q11 can affect many parts of your body and brain. When you’re born, you might have problems with your heart or your palate, and as you grow you might find you struggle with maths or have a hard time sitting still in class. In fact, there are more than 180 ways 22q11 might affect your body and your mind, which can make life trickier for you.

What we do

At 22q11 Ireland, we aim to provide lifelong support for those impacted by 22q11
We welcome and encourage families living with 22q11 Deletion Syndrome with open arms and an empathetic ear, and by working to build a holistic care model that will help 22q11 patients and their loved ones throughout their lives.

How we can help…

What’s happening…