22q11 and Low Muscle Tone

22q11 and low muscle tone

Is one of my biggest issues with 22q. Mammy finds it hard to believe that I can pick up a 10-pound bowling ball and roll it down the lane. Mammy is also amazed at me when I able to hit my spares. Many moons ago I wouldn’t be able to focus at hitting the spares. Part of 22q is we find it difficult to focus on a task at hand.

Every game that mam attends she does be so amazed at me. Yes, mam, I may have low muscle tone but it doesn’t stop me from picking up my bowling ball and learning about the game. 22q is only a name of a syndrome mam it’s not the name of me.

When I compete in competitions my low muscle tone gets stronger and my focus gets better. Now it’s better than ever cos I have a coach who is working with me. That makes a huge impact on my game. Ps, I love this photo Limerick games 2014 where I won gold and silver.