22q Young Experts by Experience Panel (YEEP): About Sarah

“Hi, my name is Sarah Fitzpatrick I was diagnosed with de-gorge syndrome when I was 3. I also have scoliosis. I have 22q11 which I’m missing my 22nd chromosome.

I joined a group called Yeep group and I have long life friends I’ve met amazing people along the way who are just like me. I’ve always hated school had been bullied.

I’m now in national learning network and met more new amazing friends and my boyfriend who put up with me. I’ve always struggled to start conversations and how to socialize because I’m very shy person. I’m starting to come out of my shell every since I met these amazing friends of mine who have helped me.

I really struggle with school and it takes me long to learn things more then others but I did go in and put my head down to do the work did my leaving cert and got to where I am today. Even though I hated school I still had to go in and finish it.

It has been really tough but I got through it. I also really struggled to keep friends I have lost some along the way don’t think they really understood me but I am really am happy with myself and blocked those people who have brought me down.

Also, my mam has helped me through so much she is my best friend and always has been there with me I also wouldn’t be where I am today without my mam. I also can’t forget about my dad and my sister who also have been there for me x. This is my story.”