Exciting Research Project for our 18+ year olds!


Attached is an information sheet about an exciting research project being carried out by Dr. Richard Roche and his team in National University of Ireland Maynooth.  It is always great to hear of Irish research projects like this as it can greatly benefit those of us living with 22q.


This particular project is limited to those with 22q who are over 18 years old although it may be open to younger children at a future date. If any of our super young adults are interested in taking part in this research project please contact Richard (see contact details below)  and he or one of his team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and to schedule some visits.


Any travel expenses will be reimbursed by the project team.


Obviously the more participants we have in the project the better so if any of our young adults are interested in taking part please contact Richard as soon as possible.



Dr Richard Roche


Department of Psychology

Maynooth University


Co Kildare



Email: Richard.Roche@nuim.ie

Phone: +353  0 1 708 6069

Fax: +353  0 1 708 4767

Call us: Anne @ 087 7412856

Registration No. CHY17647

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