Once again we have to thank the wonderful Gary Tonner for his amazing fundraising efforts.

Gary Tonner along with his brother Dave and friends James Finnerty and Chris Mannering, climbed 15 Scottish mountains in five days.


They ended their challenge on May 9 with the tallest peak Ben Nevis, 1,345m, where snow nearly defeated them. They had climbed up to four mountains a day, using only hiking sticks, a total of about 15,000 metres in height. They did it without guides to ensure that all the money raised would support the group.

This was a massive endurance test for all four of the climbers and thanks to the wonderful generosity of their friends and supporters their campaign has raised over €9,000 for us.


This amazing effort was hugely appreciated by everyone in 22q11 Ireland and we  thank them. We as a group and all of the climbers also want to sincerely thanks CMI Waste Management and Drivetrain Services Ltd who sponsored their accomodation and subsistence costs.


Many of our parents move mountains for their children on a daily basis but there's only a very special few people who will climb 15 in 5 days to support us. Thank you Gary, David, Chris and James.

Four of the most deserved pints in Scotland. Thank you for all your hard work

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